Balboa Special is many things:

  1. A dance event – Balboa Special is a balboa social-dance evening where the dancefloor has a vintage touch, and music can be heard only from vinyl records and not from laptops. There I really work as a Disc Jockey (DJ).
  2. A blog of my interest in interesting jazz stories that reflect both its best or  orst. This blog will reveal different themes of connecting those stories with records that l will introduce to dancers when I deejay at Balboa Special.
  3. The special feeling of dancing balboa.


Actually . . . Not at all!

In this blog, Balboa name will refer to the dance that was emerged in 1930’s, by raise of the Big Band era in USA. Nonetheless, the origin of the name holds historical background of adventures of a man who play some great deal with the New World called America.

Name Balboa originally comes from Spanish explorer, governor and conquistador Vasco Núñez de Balboa (1475 – 1519.) He was first European who crossed America through Isthmus of Panama, had “found” the South Sea (Pacific Ocean) and went on sailing along America’s west coast.

Beside his trading business and expanding the map of Earth in the name of Spanish kingdom, it seems that his short life hold importance to the great honour. His name is now attached to many landmarks – including Lunar crater – and as Panamanian currency.

One of the landmarks, that got name after him was Balboa Peninsula which is located South of Newport Beach area, California – there our story of Balboa dance had developed and will be written more about it in the blog.

Till then, enjoy watching social dancing of Balboa..




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