Shuffle On ‘Harlem Renaissance – Part I.’

“The time has come for Balboa Special #11 in this town.”

Mc Kinney's Cotton Pickers

Another welcoming dance night with the specially cozy decorated atmosphere for Balboa dancers only. If you want, you can bake a cake to make this Balboa Special even more special. 

In the previous term, our teachers worked really hard to bring your balboa to the next level, open your mind to new things, and to guide you. But no matter how much they try, it is you who brings  the joy and energy to a dance floor and many new friends.

The musical theme for this occasion will be ’Harlem Renaissance.’ It holds a rich depth of importance to American culture; it inspired the rest of the world to follow on the magnificent, bumpy road of jazz. In general, the melody, rhythm, and harmony from this era (1930’s) had a higher energy; a simple beat that lifts the power to push your dance to the creative edge. Just like it helped to create new dances back then.

’Harlem Renaissance – Part 1’ will brought to you the sound of Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Andy Kirk and his Clouds Of Joy Orchestra, Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra, Al Cooper’s Savoy Sultans and last but not least, Chick Webb and his Orchestra.

Get ready for the last kick off with Balboa Special #11. Let us celebrate, my dear balboa dancers – polish your shoes, dress up nice, and dance a night away, with sparkling wine in your hand.

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